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You know how people go overseas and have no idea what they're doing?

Over the years, we’ve noticed expats, teachers, and students come and go to China and not even fully engage with the local culture that could really make their lives so much more livable. Literally. 

How can we help?

First, you have to stay away from KFC. Be adventurous and go down a local food street to find that hidden gem of a mom and pop restaurant that will change your perspective on life, the universe, and everything. Second, we recommend checking out some of our online courses…

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"Culturalbility really knows Taobao and the hidden gems of Wechat. More importantly, they know how to explain it to us dumb foreigners who don't."
"Love these mini courses. Makes me feel like I can understand China now and less like a 'lost laowai'... And each one is in easy-to-follow steps and is simple enough for you to try out after just a few minutes of watching."
"These lectures are fun, informative, and well-prepared. I learned a lot in a short amount of time. Well worth the effort!"
"I really recommend these lectures! Even though I was already using Chinese technology a lot, through this lecture I learned a lot more about all the possibilities. For me especially, the lecture about 'Driving in China' was very helpful since I wanted to get a Chinese driver's license. They provided all the information I needed, presented it in a very clear way, and I'm happy to report that I now have my Chinese driver's license! I also already made a lot of people happy with his clear PPT on this topic."

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