How to use SF Express to Pickup, Send, and Receive Packages on Wechat

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Ever needed to mail a package in a pinch and had no time to go to the post office? Ever have trouble dealing with 快递 kuài dì delivery drivers?

Don’t fret, there’s hope for you yet!

So helpful, random little UPS dude~

Thanks to the wonderful app we call Wechat, we can order pickup and send packages all across China and the world… and if you pay up, it can even be delivered within a day or two.

And thanks to our hugely successful Secret Santa drive this year, our Santas need to send their super secret gifts to over 36 different cities around China~

So how do we do it? It’s actually fairly convenient. There are many Wechat Official accounts and Wechat Mini Programs out there that can get the job done, but today we want to teach you how to use SF Express 顺丰 shùn fēng…


1. Follow SF’s
Service Account

Wechat ID: SF_FWRX4008111111

2. Connect your phone number
and unique Wechat ID

Select the blue text that says Register 注册 zhù cè or Login 登录 dēng lù that will take you to a link to connect your phone number~

Enter your phone number, tap #2 to text yourself a special code, enter that 6 digit code exactly into box #3, then tap #4 to connect your account~

3. Schedule your
Express Delivery!

Go back in to the main page of their account and check the bottom left menu for 寄快递 jì kuài dì…

To have the delivery guy come to your door to pick up the package, select the top option for 快递员上门 kuài dì yuán shàng mén…

4. Enter Pickup

First, you want to tell the delivery guy where to pickup your package and also your contact information.

Are you at home or the office? Or maybe some random coffeeshop?

The black circle says “” jì, short for “Sender

The red circle says “” shōu, short for “Receiver

Tap Pickup Address and scroll
to the bottom to “Add your address”

Enter your name and include your functioning phone number, because they WILL call you… to make sure someone is actually there to meet them. (If you don’t answer, they will cancel and not show up.)

These SF guys are pretty good at finding your location, but please be as descriptive as possible. Best to get someone who types Chinese to send you a clear description for how to get to your door.

Are you near a school or hotel? Is your door around back? Does the elevator often break and they have to take the stairs? Etc. Just like on Taobao, be very very clear, so nobody gets lost.

5. Enter Receiver’s

Same routine, but for the person receiving.

Contact them for a clear and exact delivery address.

6. Schedule Time

Select 上门时间 shàng mén shí jiān to get the time selector~

Pick time like “within the hour” or tomorrow or the day after tomorrow, etc~

Set the time! And ensure you’re ready at the scheduled time (and maybe even an hour before or after, just in case)

7. Place your

Tap the big black button in the middle that says 下单 xià dān…

8. Select Package
Type and Payment

Go through to confirmation page and try the big red button at the bottom~

Tell them how big your package is… would it fit in a file folder or is it a bit bigger?

9. Wait and answer
their call

Again, the delivery guy WILL call you. You need to answer and confirm you’re at the pickup address.

If you can’t understand Chinese, here are some simple things to ask:

Are you with SF?
nǐ shì shùn fēng ma?

I am here, please come.
我在, 快来吧。
wǒ zài, kuài lái ba.

10. Watch their account
for updates

You will receive notifications right in their Wechat Service Account when someone schedules to sent you something and when a delivery guy will show up at your address. It’s really easy.


Now you have no excuse not to send those Christmas gifts! Get wrappin’~~

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