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Do you need help making your website and getting more visitors?

We understand that websites can be a bit daunting... but don't worry, we can guide you with all the things each step of the way~

Website Design & Development

Maybe you don't have a blog / website at all or want to completely revamp your old one that's got a few spiderwebs...

Hosting & Management

Maybe you don't have the time or know-how to keep your web server / hosting updated and site content fresh on your own...

SEO, Lead Magnets & Digital Marketing

Maybe you have a website already, can manage it on your own, but have absolutely zero idea how to get more people to see it...

"Our old site was from the pre-2005 era. It needed to be modernized and updated and we're so thankful we found Culturalbility - they're real people that really care about getting you the website you want. We're definitely going to hire them again to create our non-profit foundation's site, too."

Here at Culturalbility, we don't just help you make great websites, we help you create

'first impressions'

online that actually convert your site's visitors into customers for you~

Does your web page look outdated or cluttered?

Or do you not even have a site at all?

We hate to tell you this, but you’re probably losing customers…

The fact of the matter is that your web presence is largely your very first impression for 95% percent of potential customers.

Maybe they found you randomly on Google? Maybe they followed a link from Facebook? Who knows!

Get the website help you need now:

Humor us for a second and go to your website.

Do it. Open up a new tab and bring it up.

We can wait.

Are you there yet? Good.

How does it honestly look?

If someone just had 5 seconds to know what your company does, would they be able to?

If not:

"Simply put, the team at Culturalbility has the heart of a teacher. I am not a technical guy but really want to make our 'Travel with Kids' website a success and they truly helped me with some WordPress backend issues I had. Their style is calm, professional, and they do a great job of helping you understand the process in layman's terms. Highly recommended!"

Where do I even begin with making a website?

Great question! The first step is to decide on a domain name. This is the URL (aptly named Uniform Resource Locator) that people will type into their web browser like Chrome, Firefox, or Safari, to find your website.

Examples: google.com, whitehouse.gov, harvard.edu, culturalbility.com

We recommend choosing a short name that’s easy to spell (and say out loud) that includes at least one relevant keyword about your business. Note that most of the good ones with a ‘.com’ might already be taken, so you have to be creative.

Here are a few places to easily search for and buy yourself a domain name:

namesilo.com ($9-12 per year)
namecheap.com ($8-13 per year)
godaddy.com (around $12.99~ per year)

Step #2 is getting yourself a web server, or hosting service…

How do I get web hosting?

Another great question… this next step is to decide what type of website you want to make and how much ‘space’ you think it will take up on a computer somewhere.

If you’re starting a blog with mostly just text and photos, you do not need much space. But if you’re starting the next Youtube.com, you will need tons of server space for all those high-quality video files you’ll be uploading regularly. Make sense?

Besides those sites where you buy your domain names, here a few good options for affordable web hosting services:

eleven2.com ($4+ per month)
bluehost.com ($3.95+ per month)
licosys.com ($5-50 per month)

After you’ve chosen your ideal web hosting package, you’ll need to connect your domain name and point it to your web server! This is what makes it possible to actually see your site when people type in your URL.

Can I setup my own email address?

Yes! Through the web hosting service you just purchased, you should be able to set up at least one email address @yourdomainname.com… A good service should give you the option of multiple email addresses, too.

Why does my website look bad on mobile devices?

Well, that’s a very common problem for websites created before 2014… with the growth and popularity of smartphones and tablet computers, websites needed to change to adapt to the smaller-screen market.

You’ll want to find a designer and developer who understand creating “responsive” designs for your site. This automatically adjusts the look-and-feel no matter what the size of the screen.

Also, Google Search rankings are now prioritizing all websites that are optimized for viewing on mobile devices. This is why we focus on mobile-first now!

If you do anything, make sure your website looks good on your smartphone~

Need further help?

"I was clueless where to start with my website. [Culturalbility] held my hand as we designed and developed my entire blog and marketing plan together... Now I'm still clueless but automatically getting new affiliate conversions from my content every day!"
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