What is Culturalbility?

Culturalbility, LLC is a tech company helping individuals adjust to life in other cultures and helping businesses adjust their online presence overseas. We are not a third party or middleman agency doing everything for you. “Culturalbility” is the ability to live well in other places around the world. It’s not easy and may take a lot of time, but we really believe in the old adage of ‘teaching you how to fish’

What is culturalbility?We do this by providing you with high-quality free and paid resources online, teaching you how to get your Chinese Driver’s license or how to use Wechat, Taobao, KTV, Didi Kuaidi, Ele.me, etc. and whatever new app happens to show up on the market. We know that expats are fully capable of using these somewhat foreign services to their full potential, which in turn improves the quality of your lives abroad by tenfold. We know that you have the culturalbility to thrive in a foreign country.

We can also help you get your company’s bilingual websites designed, developed, and hosted in either Hong Kong or the USA. For example, if you already have a Chinese website, we can help translate and adjust your content to a foreign audience; if you have a Facebook Account but no Wechat Subscription Account, or vice versa, we can help you with that, too. Another example, if your website does not have any links or QR codes to share on Wechat, then that’s a huge potential missed opportunity for customer conversion, and we’ll teach you how to fix that. Or if your foreign company’s site is dreadfully slow behind the GFW, we can help you switch to our web server in Hong Kong to improve the speed and convenience for your Chinese clientele.

Who’s running the show?

Culturalbility is the dream of Daniel Konold (DK), a longtime China resident who first lived in China back in 2006. Over the years, he’s noticed expats come and go and not even fully engage with the local tech culture that could really make their lives so much more livable. Literally. So with a tech, web dev, and video production background, he realized he could combine his passions to help people arrive in China, survive in China, and thrive in China.

The legal stuff:

Culturalbility is a registered Limited Liability Company in Minnesota, USA, and it’s Chinese counterpart, 天津文化力信息技术有限公司 is registered as an LLC in the People’s Republic of China, in Dongli District, Tianjin.

US Business License (upon request)

China Business License (upon request)