Wechat Group CultureClasses


What are people saying?

“I always come away learning something new.” – David, Canada

“Every time you have this culture class, tell me please… I need this! 😂” – Faye, China

“These micro-classes are a great way to get my students engaged and it’s so much more convenient for them than a traditional classroom setting.” – Scott, USA

“I thought I knew everything about Western culture, but thanks to Culturalbility, I’m still learning new things…” – Patricia, Ecuador

“I love that we get the PDF at the end – I may or may not have used these lesson plans in my real class before.😜” – John, UK



What’s a Wechat Group CultureClass, you might ask?
微信文化学习小组 (究竟是做神马的?)

An honest cultural discussion right inside a Wechat group, including audio, video, photos, stickers, and other visuals


A safe place to practice your listening & speaking skills with native English speakers


A great opportunity to meet people from other cultures


A chance to go back and listen as many times as you want


Expect each “class” to be around 1 hour, but there is no need to be present at class time, it will be there until you delete it



Group Rules:

1. Zero tolerance for spam. The group moderator will kick you out immediately.


2. Protect your privacy – change your “alias in group” and don’t accept friend requests unless you actually know the person! You can also adjust your Wechat settings to NOT allow “friend adds” from a group.


3.  Free to ask anything you want, but if there are any inappropriate questions, they will be kindly ignored.


(You might also want to “mute notifications”…)


4.) If you’re found to break any of these rules, we will only let you stay in after you pay a small fee of ¥10-¥100, as a sign of goodwill and penance.

Thanks for your understanding, see you in the groups!