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~Introducing holiday culture from around the world~


It’s the most wonderful time of the year! China’s very own Secret Santa Gift Exchange is here! 这是一年中最棒的时候!这里是属于全中国范围内的神秘圣诞老人礼物交换

Enjoy the spirit of giving this holiday season, right within Wechat~


What’s Secret Santa, you might ask? Usually reserved for office parties or small groups of friends, this fun activity is for every single one of us to buy (or make) one other random person a single heartfelt gift~


‘Tis always better to give than to receive! 施比受更有福

How will we do that on Wechat? Well, we need to upscale it a lot, create a few new Wechat groups & spreadsheets, send you your match on Wechat, then hit up Taobao or JD, and make sure everyone around China has a special gift to open from a random stranger during the holidays~


And don’t worry, it’s free to join! 别担心,这个活动无门槛,可以自由加入

Step #1

Follow our Wechat account, open the keyboard and type in “secretsanta” or “神秘圣诞老人” or even this jovial Santa emoji “🎅🏽” to join one of our automatic Wechat Groups…


Step #2

Add our little Wechat Elf and fill out the Super Secret Registration Form with all of your info, hobbies, favorites, likes, etc, before the end of the day on November 30…


Be as detailed as possible, of course! Your Secret Santa thanks you.

Step #3

Get matched on Wechat with another Secret Santa living in another city around China, read their “secret profile” and start scouring Taobao! Mail them the perfect gift before December 20~


Thoughts What are people saying?


“I’ve done many online gift exchanges before and I’m so happy it’s finally coming to China!” -Brandon, USA

“Already planning my gift~” -Ashley, South Africa

“More fun than a stocking full of coal…” -Bill, New Zealand

“This idea has brightened my day so much! I was wondering who I could give gifts to this year… I’m gonna sign up for multiple matches!” -Patty, Costa Rica

FAQ Frequently Asked Questions


What is Secret Santa?


Our Secret Santa Gift Exchange brings China together by pairing willing members of the Culturalbility community together with others around the country to exchange sweet gifts. In doing so, we all help bring a little joy to one another for the holiday season.


Is it like a ‘White Elephant’ gift exchange?


NO. White Elephant gift exchanges are where you try to find the worst most awkward gift to give each other and then in turn try to steal the best one from other people in the group. It’s an entirely different ball game. This is Secret Santa where your gift should be thoughtful, practical, creative, or useful.


How will I be matched?


During the first week of December, you will receive a Wechat message from one of our elves notifying you that you have a match and sending them your super secret profile.


How much do I have to spend?


There is no set amount required. Many of us choose to home make gifts, while other choose to go all out. It’s not the size of the gifts that matter, but the thought put behind them that makes Secret Santa awesome.


What happens if I sign up, but I don’t get a gift?


This really stinks, but it’s possible. We hope that everyone who enters is serious about exchanging gifts, but we cannot guarantee that you will receive one. If you don’t receive a gift, contact our Wechat Elf “dk-culturalbility” and we’ll try to get you in the backup gifters program. Please remember that giving a gift can be just as fun as getting one!

这真是一件让人恶心的事情,但是它的确有可能发生。我们希望每一位参与到礼物交换活动中的人,都能够认真对待这件事。如果你真的没有收到礼物,联系 ‘dk-culturalbility’ 的微信精灵,我们会让您参加我们后备的礼物环节。一定要记住,送礼物和收礼物是一样有趣的!

How do I know what to send/how do they know what to get me?


It’s a good idea to fill out our Super Secret Registration Form with as much details as possible! This is what we will be sending to your match so they can pick out or make your truly amazing gift. If you receive a match with few details, it’s time to get creative!


When do I have to ship a gift by?


When your match is sent to you you’ll be given a deadline to ship by, ideally your gift should arrive before Christmas on December 25, it is then up to the user you gifted whether they wait until Christmas Day to open it.


What happens after I send my gift?


When you have your gift shipped off, take a photo of the package and send to our Wechat Elf “dk-culturalbility”… Great job adding some cheer to our community and country!


What if I don’t get a gift by the deadline?


If you still have not gotten a gift after the deadline to receive has passed, please send a message to our Wechat Elf “dk-culturalbility” to let him know so he can blacklist the user that was assigned to gift you.

如果在收礼物的最后期限过去之后,您还没有收到礼物,请给微信小精灵 “dk-culturalbility” 发送消息,让我们知道,并将匹配给您的这个用户拉入黑名单。

How do I get a backup gift?


Once the deadline to receive gifts has passed, if you have not gotten a gift please send a message to our Wechat Elf “dk-culturalbility”… In order to qualify for a backup gifter you must message him within 7 days of the gift deadline passing.

一旦收礼物的最后期限过了,您还没有收到礼物,请给微信小精灵 “dk-culturalbility” 发送消息,为了确保得到后备礼物的资格,请您务必在最后期限起的七天内联系我们。

Can I apply to be a backup gifter?


Yes! That’s the spirit! If you REALLY love giving gifts, mark on your registration that you’d be willing to send another gift if someone happens to not receive one. We’d be forever grateful!


Any other questions?


Ask us anything you want right here on Wechat… Happy Holidays!


See you in the Secret Santa groups!

Looking forward to all the photos of joy and happiness this holiday season~

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