Music: Fleet Foxes – Crack-Up

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Have you ever listened to Fleet Foxes before? It’s been a while, we know. Crack-Up is their third studio album and it is their first release in six years.

Fleet Foxes is a critically acclaimed indie folk band from Seattle, USA, who rose to prominence in 2007 with their first couple EPs… then came their first full-length album and they promptly blew up.

Although not everyone’s cup of tea, they create smooth melody and transparent harmony. Great for listening whilst doing yoga or in the background during a roadtrip through the mountains….

And thanks to living in China & QQ Music, we can stream (and download to a playlist in the app) for free~ Let us know what you think in the comments below…

I Am All That I Need / Arroyo Seco / Thumbprint ScarFleet Foxes – Crack-Up

Cassius, –Fleet Foxes – Crack-Up– Naiads, CassadiesFleet Foxes – Crack-UpKept WomanFleet Foxes – Crack-UpThird of May / ŌdaigaharaFleet Foxes – Crack-UpIf You Need to, Keep Time on MeFleet Foxes – Crack-UpMearcstapaFleet Foxes – Crack-UpOn Another Ocean (January / June)Fleet Foxes – Crack-Up

Music Video: Fleet Foxes – Fool’s Errand

I Should See MemphisFleet Foxes – Crack-UpCrack-UpFleet Foxes – Crack-Up

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