The Cheapest Way to Move Money Online from China to the USA, UK & Canada

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~Moving money across cultures~ One of the most difficult parts of living and working abroad, not to mention living in China, is getting your hard-earned rambos back home to pay bills, loans, mortgages, whatever. And to be completely honest, my wife and I have literally tried every method out there. In 2006, I was primarily doing […]

Confessions of a Wechat Groupaholic 一个微信组狂的自白

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“Hi, my name is Bobby and I’m a Wechat Group-aholic…” (Everyone reply together: “Hi Bobby…”) They say the first step on the road to recovery is admitting you have a problem. Well, take this as my not-so-subtle cry for help. I’m no addict, but as of this writing I am a proud member of exactly […]

How to turn GIFs into Wechat Stickers

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We all know that the key to true Wechat superiority in your over-abundance of Wechat groups is your ability to whip out the best “reaction” sticker for any particular situation… check and mate, right? When we all first start using Wechat, we discover those cute little cartoon ones that you can download to your phone […]