10 Easter Goodies & How To Buy Them in China 🐰

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Yummy! 😍 😍 Just like with everything else in this country, it might seem hard to buy things for our favorite foreign holidays. But sometimes, it’s just a matter of knowing how and where to look. For Halloween, we can buy any costume we imagine; for Thanksgiving, we can buy whole turkeys; for Christmas, we can […]

【学习】Free Business English Classes Online at Linkedin until Oct. 30~

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Great news, everyone! Linkedin.com/learning is currently offering all of their online classes for free until this coming Sunday, October 30th… Some of the video courses are very short and easy to consume in only 10-30 minutes and some of them are a few hours long. Various class topics: Insights from a Business Coach Critical Thinking […]

【学习】50+ Baseball Idioms to improve your American English ⚾️⚾️

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With USA baseball 棒球 (bàng qiú) heading into the 2016 MLB postseason 美国职棒大联盟季后赛 (měi guó zhí bàng dà lián méng jì hòu sài), let’s take a look at some of the common baseball phrases we love to use in the United States for everyday life, business, and even in politics. You see, baseball is one of America’s oldest sports and […]

【学习】20 Podcasts to Help Improve Your American English

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Podcasts [‘pɑ:dkæst 播客 bō kè] are a great way to improve your English listening and speaking ability. You can listen in the car, on public transporation (with headphones please), or even by yourself in your room. The word itself is a portmanteau [pɔ:rtˈmæntoʊ 混成词 hùn chéng cí] of “iPod” and “broadcast“… People enjoy their favorite podcasts on many different devices and smartphones by downloading an app […]

【学习】A Comprehensive List of Basketball Terms in English and Chinese 篮球术语综合列表 (双中英文)

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This is a long and comprehensive list meant to be favorited and referenced when needed… It should be worth it for any basketall fan looking to improve their speaking and listening skills in either English or Chinese during the off-season! Feel free to share with your friends and on your Moments feed~ 🏀 Basketball 篮球 […]

【学习】How To Say Punctuation Marks in English and Chinese 如何说标点符号

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Punctuation [ˌpʌŋktʃuˈeʃən] 标点符号 (biāo diǎn fú hào) is vital to any student of any language… especially for writing and grammar efficiency! You’d be surprised how useful many of these will be in your life. So here’s how to say some of the most common punctuation marks in American English and Chinese… really impress your teachers! Any […]