50 Creepy Easter Bunnies 🐰 from our Childhood

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Happy Easter, everyone! As with all other holidays around the world, Easter has its fair share of strange holiday traditions. One famed custom is for children of all ages to go to the mall and get their photos taken with the Easter Bunny. For those who don’t know, the Easter Bunny is a folkloric figure and longtime symbol of Easter, typically […]

【搞笑🎭】One-Upping Anne Hathaway on SNL’s Thanksgiving 安妮·海瑟薇和《周六夜现场》的感恩节

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This Thanksgiving, all we can do is laugh, right? Celebrating Turkey Day with your friends in China can be really hard sometimes… and a little homesick. So this year, instead of feeling lonely, have fun and try one-upping each other, like Penelope at the local church’s soup kitchen… Just kidding! Please DON’T be like that […]

Confessions of a Wechat Groupaholic 一个微信组狂的自白

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“Hi, my name is Bobby and I’m a Wechat Group-aholic…” (Everyone reply together: “Hi Bobby…”) They say the first step on the road to recovery is admitting you have a problem. Well, take this as my not-so-subtle cry for help. I’m no addict, but as of this writing I am a proud member of exactly […]

【流行文化】Top 3 Carpool Karaokes with Chinese subtitles 看过拼车卡拉OK了嘛?(中英字幕)

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For some reason, the recent “battle of the late night hosts” in the USA has been won by two British guys. Gone are the days of Letterman and Leno monologues; it’s now time for viral video shorts that can be easily consumed on your mobile devices. James Corden, esteemed British funnyman, Broadway superstar, and the […]

【喜剧】Luke Skywalker – All By Himself 星战仿拟

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Keeping with tradition to post everything Star Wars related, we couldn’t pass up this opportunity to share this hilarious parody [ˈpærədi] (仿拟 fǎng nǐ) alternate ending to The Force Awakens featuring the beautiful voice of Céline Dion… It’s from the genius called David Unger over at: http://davidungermusic.com/ Go watch all of his stuff. Original song 原唱:

【双11💡】How To Be The Perfect “Third Wheel” 教你如何成为电灯泡高手

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Happy Single’s Day 光棍节 guāng gùn jiē (11/11) to all the single ladies and single lads out there! (Happy Armistice/Veterans Day to all the soldiers, too!) 祝所有单身的姑娘小伙子们光棍节快乐!(同样,也祝所有的战士们“老兵节”/“休战日”快乐!) Today in China, we celebrate being single and the one predicament that all single people often find themselves in: being the third wheel in your friends’ relationships. Or the […]