🏆 Vote! China’s Unofficial 2017 Oscars Poll

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Finally time for the Oscars! Did you watch all of this year’s nominations yet? Refresh your memory with our full bilingual list here:

【奥斯卡🏆】2017 Oscar Nominations 今年的奥斯卡提名来了(双中英文)

The Academy Awards will be live on MangoTV in China, starting at 8:00am (Beijing Time) on Monday morning, February 27, 2017…

Save this article or this image for an easy QR code to extract to take you right there at the right time~

Or you can download their app to your TV streaming box or just type this link on your computer:


Let the voting begin!
You have until the ceremony begins to choose one movie or person from each of these top categories – let’s see how keen this side of the globe is when it comes to predicting nepotistic award choices…

Share with all your movie-loving friends and on Monday we can see if China’s results are similar to Hollywood’s~

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