10 Easter Goodies & How To Buy Them in China 🐰

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Yummy! 😍 😍

Just like with everything else in this country, it might seem hard to buy things for our favorite foreign holidays.

But sometimes, it’s just a matter of knowing how and where to look.

For Halloween, we can buy any costume we imagine; for Thanksgiving, we can buy whole turkeys; for Christmas, we can decorate literally everything; and for Valentine’s Day, we got flowers. What about Groundhog Day? We got that covered, too.

But now Easter is right around the corner – do you have all your supplies to make it memorable for the kiddos? Do you have the bunny-shaped chocolate ready to fill your homesick void?

Import stores in your city, foreign supermarkets, and even some international school bazaars or 5-star hotels are all valid options… but Taobao rules them all for choice and convenience.

Here’s how to say and type everything Easter-related for your next Taobao order! Copy and paste directly to your Taobao app to search and buy~

And just like Christmas or Halloween, we can really just add the name of the holiday before any item to help narrow down our searches…



fù huó jié

Easter Decorations


fù huó jié zhuāng shì pǐn

Decorations come in all shapes and sizes and when you use the word 装饰品 it can include all of them! This applies to banners, garland, paper lanterns, etc.

Easter Baskets


fù huó jié lán zi

What would an Easter Egg Hunt be without our basket? The bigger the better, I always say. There are also many DIY options out there as well.

Easter Bonnets


fù huó jié mào zi

In order to look our “Easter Best,” it’s a long tradition to wear the nicest hats we can find. In English, we can call these bonnets. Or you can just add fresh flowers to a hat you already own.

Plastic Easter Eggs


fù huó jié sù liào cǎi dàn

The elusive colorful plastic eggs are an essential for Easter. You can put any little item inside that you want: candy, chocolate, even money! No comparison to sweet beautiful hongbaos, though.

Stuffed Easter Bunnies


fù huó jié máo róng tù zi wán ǒu

Some kids like their stuffed animals and Easter is a perfect time to get them a new one. Various colors as well as different animals can be found, but the bunny is the usual choice for this holiday.

Chocolate Easter Bunnies


fù huó jié qiǎo kè lì tù zi

Do you eat the ears or the rear first? After much debate, it really doesn’t matter. Chocolate Easter bunnies are a must, regardless of which end you start eating from. Send some to our office, too.

Chocolate Easter Eggs


fù huó jié qiǎo kè lì cǎi dàn

A classic accessory to our Easter celebrations, we can hide these almost anywhere. In my house growing up, we’d still find chocolate eggs months after Easter! Don’t hide them THAT well.

Marshmallow Peeps


xiǎo jī mián huā táng

Technically, we can eat these treats at any time of the year, but the staple yellow Peeps always come out at Easter. You find Rabbit Peeps and pink or orange ones, too. Also, these never expire. Just kidding.

Easter Candy


fù huó jié táng guǒ

What to put inside the plastic Easter eggs? Here’s your answer! Just like orange/black for Halloween and other colors for other holidays, candy brands release special pastel-colored candies for Easter. Our favorite? Jelly beans.

Easter Lilies


fù huó jié bǎi hé huā

The standard flower on Easter is the lily. White, pink, and beautiful, they are an eternal sign of spring, smell wonderful, and really brighten up any place they’re put. You might also want to order fresh lilies delivered to your door.

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