【MV🎶】Music: Caroline Smith《Half About Being A Woman》新晋蓝调流行音乐皇后

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Are your ears growing tired of Katy and Taylor? (Honestly, ours aren’t either.) Either way, look no further than Caroline Smith, with a soulful blues-y style to her music that you won’t soon forget.

Hailing from Detroit Lakes, Minnesota, USA, we will always remember the first time we saw her perform. Actually there to hear another singer, Caroline came out on stage as the opener and when she hit her first note, our jaws collectively hit the floor.

She describes her own voice as a “conglomerate” with countless influences ranging from Billie Holiday to Peter, Paul and Mary among others. She even got to open for B.B. King when she was just 16 years old.

We’ve included her music video for the song “Half About Being A Woman” and also many other tracks below from her recent album of the same name. Expect new music from her soon!

Download, stream, and make playlists of her albums on QQ Music for easy re-listening~

How do you feel about her music?

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