💉 The Foreigner’s Farce of a Physical Exam

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Ever since visiting Wuhan during university, all I wanted to do was move to China. But one of the lesser-known complications of getting a visa to work or study in China is that you need to have a physical examination done. Without a doctor’s approval of your “perfect” health, they wouldn’t send the official Letter of Invitation that […]

Why does my American boyfriend love Star Wars so much?

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We recently received this cultural question from one of our followers about Star Wars, the blockbuster film series that just released it’s eighth movie here in China. It’s really a huge question! And thanks for asking… it can actually be applied to a lot of Westerners, both girls and boys~ Link: How To Buy Movie Tickets […]

【听力】This [Chinese] American Life – “In Defense of Ignorance”

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Exactly how incompetent you are…. what your ex’s best friend really thinks of you… the approximate time that you will die…  Some things in life are better not to know about. And sometimes there can be an actual benefit to not knowing. In this recent episode of the wonderful This American Life podcast, let’s listen to […]