🏆 Vote! China’s Unofficial 2017 Oscars Poll

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Finally time for the Oscars! Did you watch all of this year’s nominations yet? Refresh your memory with our full bilingual list here: 【奥斯卡🏆】2017 Oscar Nominations 今年的奥斯卡提名来了(双中英文) The Academy Awards will be live on MangoTV in China, starting at 8:00am (Beijing Time) on Monday morning, February 27, 2017… Save this article or this image for […]

🎶 Music History: Fleetwood Mac 《Rumours》 Turns 40

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Whether you love ’em or hate ’em, everyone knows about Fleetwod Mac 佛利伍麦克 fó lì wǔ mài kè. And although this British-American rock band is currently known as “classic,” they were anything but that in the late 60s and 70s. They were front page headlines. Mostly for their various inter-bandmate romances and use of illegal substances. They’ve […]

🎥 7 Foreign Films Come to China Feb. 2017 本月即将上映的外国电影

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Now that the holidays are officially winding down and Oscar season is in full swing, we actually have a chance to see one of the most-nominated films of all time in the cinemas here in China. We’ve said it before, but it’s good to be reminded: China allows just a few dozen non-Chinese films into […]

【奥斯卡🏆】2017 Oscar Nominations 今年的奥斯卡提名来了(English 英文 and Chinese 中文)

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Here are the people and films nominated for 2017’s 89th Annual Academy Awards, also known as the Oscars 奥斯卡奖 ào sī kǎ jiǎng… Link:【电影】Last year’s 2016 Oscar Nominations 奥斯卡提名来了 And as we wrote last year, Americans LOVE to watch their movies, especially during the winter months of January and February. We also included some fun Oscar […]

【MV🎶】Music: The xx《On Hold》电子摇滚先锋

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Another amazing album from The xx is just what we needed during this cold, cold month… and if you’re fleeing the country for the Lunar New Year, these are also great tracks to add to your respective travel playlists. The xx are an English band formed in 2005 in Wandsworth, London. The group released its debut album, xx, […]

【电影🎥】Movie: Arrival《降临》Arriving in China, January 20

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Earlier this month, we posted the monthly listing of Hollywood movies coming to the mainland in January of 2017 and much to our surprise, they snuck an additional one in this week… Hey, we’re not complaining! Link:【电影🎥】6 Foreign Films Release in China: Jan 2017 本月即将上映的外国电影   Friday, January 20, 2017 Arrival 《降临》 jiàng lín Director: Denis […]

【MV🎶】Music: Caroline Smith《Half About Being A Woman》新晋蓝调流行音乐皇后

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Are your ears growing tired of Katy and Taylor? (Honestly, ours aren’t either.) Either way, look no further than Caroline Smith, with a soulful blues-y style to her music that you won’t soon forget. Hailing from Detroit Lakes, Minnesota, USA, we will always remember the first time we saw her perform. Actually there to hear another […]

Why does my American boyfriend love Star Wars so much?

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We recently received this cultural question from one of our followers about Star Wars, the blockbuster film series that just released it’s eighth movie here in China. It’s really a huge question! And thanks for asking… it can actually be applied to a lot of Westerners, both girls and boys~ Link: How To Buy Movie Tickets […]

【音乐🎧】New Music: The Hamilton Mixtape

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Last year, we wrote about the wonderful new musical that’s swept the U.S. and the rest of the theater world: HAMILTON (the videos are no longer available) Link: 【音乐剧】Watch ‘Hamilton’ Make History Cool Again《汉密尔顿》双语字幕全剧 Now it’s been remixed into a fabulous compilation album! And actually, in 2009, Lin-Manuel Miranda (the writer of the play) began a project entitled The […]