【MV】Kesha – “Praying” (中英字) 幕 with Chinese subtitles

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Kesha has released her first single in four years, Praying, and the video is both beautiful and heartbreaking at the same time. Is it the song pop music needs right now? Kesha, as we all know, is not the most holy of singers in the world. Probably not even top 10.  But this song shows a lot of […]

🎧 Music: Sturgill Simpson 《All Around You》 (中英字幕)

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Alternative country music is making a comeback! Nominated for two Grammy Awards, and actually winning Best Country Album at last week’s ceremony (and only just losing to Adele for Album of the Year), Sturgill Simpson is someone to pay attention to… Let’s just say he’s not your average country singer. His music is raw with […]

【MV🎶】Music: The xx《On Hold》电子摇滚先锋

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Another amazing album from The xx is just what we needed during this cold, cold month… and if you’re fleeing the country for the Lunar New Year, these are also great tracks to add to your respective travel playlists. The xx are an English band formed in 2005 in Wandsworth, London. The group released its debut album, xx, […]

【MV🎶】Music: Caroline Smith《Half About Being A Woman》新晋蓝调流行音乐皇后

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Are your ears growing tired of Katy and Taylor? (Honestly, ours aren’t either.) Either way, look no further than Caroline Smith, with a soulful blues-y style to her music that you won’t soon forget. Hailing from Detroit Lakes, Minnesota, USA, we will always remember the first time we saw her perform. Actually there to hear another […]

【MV🎶】OK Go《The One Moment》创意MV仅用4.2秒拍摄 这个神作太强势了

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WOW. The legendary band OK Go is at it again with this fabulous new music video slash public service announcement. I can’t believe it’s been over nine months since we saw them float around in zero gravity! 👇🏽 Link:【MV】New! OK GO -《Upside Down & Inside Out》逆天视觉亮瞎你的眼 This time, they start by showing us a 4.2 […]

【MV🎶】Music: Dessa’s “Skeleton Key” 明州的嘻哈管弦乐队

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You haven’t heard hip hop until you’ve sampled Minnesota’s very own alternative underground hip hop collective known as Doomtree. They are a like an artistic beacon of the local culture there. One seventh of this collective is Margret Wander, whose stage name is simply Dessa…     A beautifully haunting take on this modern genre, […]

【MV】The 4onthefloor《All My Friends》大明州的摇滚青年,大写的酷!

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The 4onthefloor is a rock and roll band from Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA, formed in 2009. The group is known for each member playing a bass drum and for writing all their songs in 4/4 time, evoking their namesake. They are seriously one of the best live shows you’ll ever see. The group has produced five original albums and has been featured […]