10 Easter Goodies & How To Buy Them in China 🐰

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Yummy! 😍 😍 Just like with everything else in this country, it might seem hard to buy things for our favorite foreign holidays. But sometimes, it’s just a matter of knowing how and where to look. For Halloween, we can buy any costume we imagine; for Thanksgiving, we can buy whole turkeys; for Christmas, we can […]

🎥 4 Foreign Films Come to China | April 2017 (中英双语)

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Time for April’s foreign film list and it’s a little sparse compared to the previous few months. No need to fret, I’m sure they’ll make up for it in the summer months. We have faith in the entertainment industry here. Wink wink. Need help buying tickets?: How To Buy Movie Tickets On Wechat **Remember, all movies are subject to […]

😂 April Fool’s Day: 10 Best Hoaxes of all Time

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Source: hoaxes.org Here’s your friendly reminder that it’s almost April 1 aka April Fool’s Day 愚人节 yú rén jiē – so don’t believe any message or call at face value, your friends or loved ones could be trying to prank you! In this fun, but dastardly deceptive, traditional holiday, people all over Western culture will try to play smalltricks on […]

【MV🎶】Music: The xx《On Hold》电子摇滚先锋

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Another amazing album from The xx is just what we needed during this cold, cold month… and if you’re fleeing the country for the Lunar New Year, these are also great tracks to add to your respective travel playlists. The xx are an English band formed in 2005 in Wandsworth, London. The group released its debut album, xx, […]

【节日🌎】Today is Martin Luther King, Jr. Day 今天, 马丁·路德·金日

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Today is a federal holiday in the United States, not for any tradition or religion, but to remember and honor one of America’s greatest public figures. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. 马丁·路德·金 mǎ dīng ·lù dé ·jīn is a man who did more for civil rights equality in the USA than almost anyone else save […]

Why does my American boyfriend love Star Wars so much?

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We recently received this cultural question from one of our followers about Star Wars, the blockbuster film series that just released it’s eighth movie here in China. It’s really a huge question! And thanks for asking… it can actually be applied to a lot of Westerners, both girls and boys~ Link: How To Buy Movie Tickets […]

【音乐🎧】New Music: The Hamilton Mixtape

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Last year, we wrote about the wonderful new musical that’s swept the U.S. and the rest of the theater world: HAMILTON (the videos are no longer available) Link: 【音乐剧】Watch ‘Hamilton’ Make History Cool Again《汉密尔顿》双语字幕全剧 Now it’s been remixed into a fabulous compilation album! And actually, in 2009, Lin-Manuel Miranda (the writer of the play) began a project entitled The […]

【预告片🎬】Trailer: Guardians of the Galaxy Vol.2《银河护卫队2》我是格鲁特宝宝(中文字幕)

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The lovable galactic misfits are back in another story of saving the universe… and do we even care what the plot is about? We’re all excited to see it! Probably most-excited to see Baby Groot, it appears like all the other actors from the first flick are back in the sequel, too. Seems to be […]