🏀 Win ¥333 for March Madness! Fill out your brackets now~

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To help bring the tradition of March Madness 疯狂三月 fēng kuáng sān yuè and the Final Four to China, we’ve started a little tournament bracket challenge of our own… free for everyone to join~ You cannot have US sports culture without the NCAA bracket tournament every year… If any of you have any interest in the […]

💉 The Foreigner’s Farce of a Physical Exam

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Ever since visiting Wuhan during university, all I wanted to do was move to China. But one of the lesser-known complications of getting a visa to work or study in China is that you need to have a physical examination done. Without a doctor’s approval of your “perfect” health, they wouldn’t send the official Letter of Invitation that […]

🎧 Music: Sturgill Simpson 《All Around You》 (中英字幕)

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Alternative country music is making a comeback! Nominated for two Grammy Awards, and actually winning Best Country Album at last week’s ceremony (and only just losing to Adele for Album of the Year), Sturgill Simpson is someone to pay attention to… Let’s just say he’s not your average country singer. His music is raw with […]

🏆 Vote! China’s Unofficial 2017 Oscars Poll

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Finally time for the Oscars! Did you watch all of this year’s nominations yet? Refresh your memory with our full bilingual list here: 【奥斯卡🏆】2017 Oscar Nominations 今年的奥斯卡提名来了(双中英文) The Academy Awards will be live on MangoTV in China, starting at 8:00am (Beijing Time) on Monday morning, February 27, 2017… Save this article or this image for […]