8 Foreign Films Come to China | June 2017 (中英双语)

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“#1 resource for the complete list of non-Chinese movies coming to mainland China every month” Having long surpassed the allowed “34 foreign films” per year for 2017, we have to wonder what Beijing & Hollywood are up to these days… Happy Childrens Day to us? Yes, EIGHT more movies are headed our way this month […]

Art & Culture | Let’s Talk About Racial Stereotypes

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We came across these stunning photographs on Oprah Winfrey’s website. (Yes, that Oprah.) They really got us thinking about racial stereotypes 种族偏见 zhǒng zú piān jiàn around the world. Not to mention, our Culture Class on Italy last weekend revealed some interesting stereotypes about Italians as well. Famed photographer, Chris Buck, released this photo series […]

7 Foreign Films Come to China | May 2017 (中英双语)

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Happy May Day to us! We aren’t exaggerating when we say this might be the biggest month for foreign movies in Chinese cinematic history. Last month, with the Fate of the Furious, we saw China’s biggest opening weekend to date. But this month, with such a huge list of so-called blockbusters, we should see that […]

50 Creepy Easter Bunnies 🐰 from our Childhood

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Happy Easter, everyone! As with all other holidays around the world, Easter has its fair share of strange holiday traditions. One famed custom is for children of all ages to go to the mall and get their photos taken with the Easter Bunny. For those who don’t know, the Easter Bunny is a folkloric figure and longtime symbol of Easter, typically […]

10 Easter Goodies & How To Buy Them in China 🐰

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Yummy! 😍 😍 Just like with everything else in this country, it might seem hard to buy things for our favorite foreign holidays. But sometimes, it’s just a matter of knowing how and where to look. For Halloween, we can buy any costume we imagine; for Thanksgiving, we can buy whole turkeys; for Christmas, we can […]